Swing top bin with horizontal flap swing lid, is made out of stainless steel, strong and sturdy body, square or rectangular vertical structure and pyramid shape swing flaps. These swing top bins are highly popular at commercial places, especially at fast food outlets, restaurants, railways stations, airports, public streets, walkways, gyms and clubs. These swing top dustbins are popular because the swing flaps allow people to through the garbage within seconds. There is no lid to be lifted up, there is no pedal to be pressed, and there is no spring based push mechanism. The flaps just swing around with a little touch and allow a person to through the garbage even when they are walking or in motion.

These dustbins are used for multiple types of garbage, like food, dust, paper, cans, etc. The swing top bin is spill proof and can store large amounts of garbage. The removal of the garbage bag is easy, as only the top swing lid is to be removed. The flaps ensure that there is no major odor or dust coming out of the dustbin. These swing top dustbins with flaps are manufactured by Mr Bin, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Mr Bin is a very popular brand for stainless steel dustbin and waste disposal solutions, and is known for its innovation in design, and in creating attractive and great looking dustbins. The material used in manufacturing is high grade stainless steel, and is corrosion resistant. The steel dustbin gets a good mirror polish and matte polish on the outside and inside. There is also 1 year manufacturing warranty, offered by Mr Bin. If you are thinking of purchasing this product in bulk, please click on the inquire now button and submit your information. We will contact you soon. If you want single or few units of this Swing Top Bin, then please click on the buy now button and make your purchase through our Amazon product page.


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Mirror & Matt Polished
  • Corrosion Resist
  • Square Shape
Description SS 202 19swg. Flap Bin
Overall Size 12” X 12” X 40” 14” X 14” X 40” 16” X 16” X 40”
Model MBFB 1240 MBFB 1440 MBFB 1640
LTRS 70Ltrs 90Ltrs 110Ltrs

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