Swing bin with pole

Swing bin with pole is the result of impeccable craftsmanship by Mr Bin. It is not only much classy looking, but is also the product of new age contemporary design and usability. Because Mr Bin is a dedicated manufacturing company of stainless steel dustbins, it constantly innovates to create products that excel in terms of quality and design. For more than few decades, garbage bins or dustbins (especially commercial dustbins) were looked upon as tools of waste disposal only, and there was this inherant mentality to buy cheapest version of dutsbins possible, hide them, or leave them in the same condition for days and weeks. As a result, the dustbins which were already ugly looking, became more dirty and became hateful by people. This destroyed the sole purpose of the existence of dustbins, because people started hating to go even closer to these dustbins.

Mr Bin’s swing bin with pole is the answer to this long prevalent problem. Stainless steel swing bin with pole, manufactured by Mr Bin, at its manufacturing unit, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, are the sexiest looking dustbins, out of available dustbins options in the market. We are talking about the dustbins, which are loved by Architects, and interior designers, and are part of the overall experience provided by malls, shops, restaurants, food courts, and commercial places. Instead of hiding, our customers love to flash these sexy looking dustbins by putting them at the public locations. People love to use these swing bins with pole, and are motivated to use these dustbins, keeping the places neat and clean.


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Mirror & Matt Polished
  • Corrosion Resist
  • Circular Shape
Description SS 202 24swg. Swing Bin With Pole
Bin Size 12” X 24” 12” X 28” 14” X 24” 14” X 28”
Model MBSBP 1224 MBSBP 1228 MBSBP 1424 MBSBP 1428
LTRS 40Ltrs 50Ltrs 55Ltrs 60Ltrs

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These swing bin with poles are made out of high grade stainless steel, and have mirror or matt finish. Because they are much popular for commercial use, these steel dustbins come in 40 to 60 litre size. If the order quantities are more, Mr Bin can customize this product for you. You can also click on the buy now button and purchase our swing bin with pole in few minutes. Our shipping and packaging is efficient and the product will reach within few days.