Steel Dustbin Manufacturer

A steel dustbin manufacturer, Mr. Bin is a brand of Neptune Industries is based in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India, and is a manufacturer of SS Dust bins/ steel dustbins, that caters to the waste accumulation needs of businesses and residences by offering a variety of bins. The company is a subsidiary of well-known in SS clean room furniture manufacturer, Neptune Industries. Mr. Bin’s promoter Mr. Kunal Panchal brings his rich experience in stainless steel products to the fore. Under his strong leadership, and with focus on the four values of passion, innovation, hygiene and people, Mr. Bin is creating a significant space for itself in the waste bin industry as it climbs its way to the top, as a steel dustbin manufacturer.

We have a wide range of SS dustbins like Pedal bins, Push bins, Plain bins, Perforated bins, Swing bins, Flap bins & Rectangle bins. SS Bins of each variety are manufactured keeping the needs of the customer in mind. All the bins are made of 100% stainless steel with mirror and matt polished. Being corrosion resistant, durable and lightweight.


Mr. Bin is a reputed brand in its own right with a large and loyal customer base, and we have well-known names in the Indian industry featuring in our client list. We have plans to cater to new industries, expand our market and also extend our footprint globally. As a steel dustbin manufacturer, Mr. Bin’s dustbins find application in the Pharmaceuticals, Commercial Places, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants & Hotels, Offices and Homes.

Because we are a steel dustbin manufacturer, you can get high grade quality, steel dustbins at a very low price. We are expanding aggressively and are also offering dealership opportunities across Gujarat, and other states in India. If you are looking for a steel dustbin manufacturer for importing dustbins to countries other than India, or if you are looking for a steel dustbin manufacturer, to purchase variety of steel dustbins in bulk, then Mr Bin is the right company for you.

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