Steel dustbin manufacturer in India

A steel dustbin manufacturer, Mr. Bin is a brand of Neptune Industries is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and is a manufacturer of SS Dust bins/ steel dustbins, that caters to the waste accumulation needs of businesses and residences by offering a variety of bins.

Mr. Bin steel dustbin manufacturer in India, The company is a subsidiary of well-known SS cleanroom furniture manufacturer, Neptune Industries. Mr. Bin’s promoter Mr. Kunal Panchal brings his rich experience in stainless steel products to the fore. Under his strong leadership, and with a focus on the four values of passion, innovation, hygiene, and people, Mr. Bin is creating a significant space for itself in the waste bin industry as it climbs its way to the top, as a steel dustbin manufacturer.

We have a wide range of SS dustbins like Pedal bins, Push bins, Plain bins, Perforated bins, Swing bins, Flap bins & Rectangle bins. SS Bins of each variety are manufactured keeping the needs of the customer in mind. All the bins are made of 100% stainless steel with mirror and matt polished. Being corrosion resistant, durable and lightweight.

Mr. Bin is a reputed brand in its own right with a large and loyal customer base, and we have well-known names in the Indian industry featuring in our client list. We have plans to cater to new industries, expand our market and also extend our footprint globally. As a steel dustbin manufacturer, Mr. Bin’s dustbins find application in the Pharmaceuticals, Commercial Places, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants & Hotels, Offices and Homes.

Because we are a steel dustbin manufacturer, you can get high grade quality, steel dustbins at a very low price. We are expanding aggressively and are also offering dealership opportunities across Gujarat, and other states in India. If you are looking for a steel dustbin manufacturer for importing dustbins to countries other than India, or if you are looking for a steel dustbin manufacturer, to purchase variety of steel dustbins in bulk, then Mr Bin is the right company for you.

Director Message

As a Managing Director of the organization, I would like to thank our valuable customers/suppliers for their immense support. I would like to special thanks to our staff for their enthusiastic contribution to our organization.
We know the 21st century believes in modern designs with an aesthetic look. In such a situation, we firmly believe in the delivery best as expected by our clients.
A genuine supply is always welcome with new opportunities and referrals and that is what we are expecting.
We strongly believe in a “Win-Win Situation” for a longer relationship.

– Kunal Panchal (Managing Director)