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SS Push Bin

Our SS Push Dustbin is available to be purchased in bulk and in small quantities. If you are looking to buy few bins for testing or as a sample, or for your personal purpose, just click on the buy now button, go to our amazon product page and make an online order. If you are looking for a bulk quantity or want to become our authorized dealer for your area, please click on the inquiry button or dealer button on the top of the navigation bar. Please submit your information, select push top bin as your product of interest and we will get back to you within a short period of time.


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion Resist
  • Lid : 2 Holes, 3 Holes
  • Circular Shape


  • Stainless Steel Grade 430/202
  • 0.5mm Wall thickness
  • Inside Mirror & Outside Matt Polished
  • Rubber Gasket fit at bottom side


Size (Inches) Model Litre
10” X 32” MBPB1032 35 L
12” X 32” MBPB1232 55 L
14” X 32” MBPB1432 70 L


SS Push bin is a stainless steel cylindrical dustbin along with a dome shape and a push lid for garbage input. The dome-shaped lid can be taken off, to clean and wash the dustbin. Push top bins are a very popular form of garbage bins and are used in houses, kitchens, offices, restaurants, gas stations, petrol pumps, corporate buildings, malls, and commercial places. Because the push lid is able to keep the dustbin completely enclosed, these push-top bins can be used for both organic and inorganic waste. Because of the specially designed push vents, bad odor or smell cannot escape the dustbin, and therefore it acts as a multipurpose waste bin.

Now A Day’S Steel Dustbins Are In Used In Every Home Because Of Its Long Lasting Life, Modern Looks And Value For Money Deal. our Dustbin Is Made Of High-Quality Stainless Steel And Beautifully Finished, Available In Various Sizes.

west bin has a mirror and matt polish, both outside and inside Therefore It is easy to use. It is made out of high-grade stainless steel. Also, there is a 1-year manufacturing warranty, which comes with the product. The warranty itself is the confidence of the company in its products, in terms of quality, design, and delivery.
We can also custom-build a SS Push Dustbin or any other type of bin if the quantity is more.