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SS Full Perforated Bin

Mr Bin is prominent manufacturer of Stainless-steel perforated dustbin. The dustbin is having the open stainless steel body structure with 5mm perforation holes which best for paper & dry waste. These dustbins are available in several different sizes so the customer can choose the right one among these all. it is extensively utilized in hotels, schools-colleges, corporate offices, ATM corridor, government institutes and many more.


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion Resist
  • Circular Shape


  • Stainless Steel Grade 430/202
  • 0.5mm Wall thickness
  • Inside Mirror & Outside Matt Polished
  • Rubber Gasket fit at bottom side


Size (Inches) Model Litre
7” X 10” MBFP710 5 L
8” X 12” MBFP812 9 L
10” X 14” MBFP1014 15 L
12” X 18” MBFP1218 30 L
14” X 28” MBFP1428 60 L


Mr. Bin is manufacturing SS full perforated dustbin,west bin for almost a decade now, and is a reputed stainless steel dustbin manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Mr. Bin is a subsidiary of a very well-known and reputed, Neptune Pharma Equipments Pvt. Ltd.. All products manufactured by Mr. Bin live by quality and innovation. SS Full perforated round dustbins are generally used in offices, corporate spaces, and commercial areas.

The dustbins have a stainless steel body with perforation at the sides and no lid. It is used for inorganic waste only, and therefore more used in offices. The ss full perforated round dustbin manufactured by Mr. Bin has a classy look, elegant style and is a perfect addition to the elegant interior of your office or workspace. These are light in weight, occupy less space, and can be placed anywhere. The paper bins are semi-transparent and can be easily kept in the office, waiting area, or small cubicles.

The Steel full perforated round dustbin comes in different sizes, with exterior mirror or matt polish. It is extremely easy to clean and wash. The edges are beautifully shaped. the black base gives it a contemporary look, besides providing a cushion between the floor and the metal. Despite having an amazing quality and being made out of high-grade stainless steel material, Mr. Bin manufactures and sells Stainless steel dustbins at a comparatively very low price. These dustbins can be purchase in bulk by clicking on the inquiry button, and if you want a few of these dustbins, you can straightaway click on the buy now button. go to our amazon product page. select shipping location and make a payment. The images shown on the page are real pictures of our product. If the quantity is more, Mr. Bin can also customize this product for you.