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Perforated Bin With Pole

Mr Bin is largest manufacturer of stainless-steel perforated bin with pole stand. The dustbin is having the perforated bin with pole structure which is fixed on the floor. These kinds of dustbins extensively utilized in public places like bus stands, railway station, cantonment area, gardens, government institutes and many more.


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion Resist
  • Open Type


  • Stainless Steel Grade 430/202
  • 0.5mm Wall thickness
  • 220 Grit Matt Polished
  • Pole Stand : 38mm DIA X 1.25mm Thick


Size (Inches) Model Litre
14" X 28" MBPBP1428 60 L

A perforated bin with a pole provides you with elegance and class, no matter where you use it. More and more malls, offices, and corporate buildings are loving the idea of the perforated bins with poles, as they can easily identify it with the stainless steel perforated bins used in offices, lounges, and their personal cabins space.

This perforated bin with pole comes with stainless steel poles, which go beneath the floor, and the upper body which is the main dustbin hangs and swings on the horizontal bar between the steel poles. These steel garbage bins do not have lids and are therefore way easier to use for people. The perforation on the dustbin body provides a semi-transparent look, and in the absence of the top lid, it is very easy to replace garbage bags.

The steel perforated bins come in various sizes and are usually available in large sizes because of their demand for commercial usage. The idea of stainless steel perforated bins with poles is not new. It is very popular in Europe and western countries and now the idea and the popularity of these stainless steel dustbins are increasing in India.

Mr. Bin is a dedicated manufacturer of stainless steel dustbins, and therefore they are constantly innovating their designs, their quality, and the concept of waste disposal. Through its efficiency and expertise in steel furniture manufacturing. Mr. Bin has proved that quality does necessarily mean costly. While Mr. Bin’s stainless steel dustbins have great looks, a great mirror polish surface, and a finish. prices of these garbage bins are among the lowest compared to other manufacturers, and this is possible because of the efficiency and experience of manufacturing dustbins for more than a decade.